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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Andrea's Works in Progress

I'm hoping that other people post their lists. A little accountability wouldn't be a bad thing! (If you have HTML trouble making a list, send me your list via e-mail and I'll post it. Try the "unordered list" command, if that helps you.)

Recently Completed Projects

  • Amble socks with the Six Socks Knit-a-long
  • the blue fair-isle sweater that did NOT want to die!

Works in Progress

  • last of the summer pink camis
  • green lace cardigan for fall
  • mosaic socks with the six-sox knit-a-long
  • the sideways cable sweater from knitty
  • the hoodie from hell -I mean, Vogue Knitting
  • green silk cami

Sigh...... I'll see if I can find the camera and post a picture of the blue fair isle. It's blocking, but I can still take a picture, I suppose.

Now, PLEASE post your list.


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