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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cage Cozies

Jo-Anne has us all working on cage cozies. Here's the story. Heaven only knows how many animals were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. And naturally, the animal shelter was destroyed as well. They are, however, building a new one. The director is currently living in Baton Rouge and is coordinating a drive to collect blankets for the animals' cages. Interestingly, an animal is more adoptable when she has a blankie, which of course goes with her to her new home.

So, the details are these. Knit a square at least 18" on a side. It can be as big as you want, but 18" is as small as they can use. It seems to be working well to use heavy worsted, the Rambling Rose squares technique, and cast on about 64 stitches on a side. So, 128 sts all told. Make as many as you want. You KNOW you have stash for which this project would be perfect. Heck, I know you have stash for which this project would be perfect.

As soon as the shelter is built and accepting animals, which shouldn't be too long now, the director will post an address for mailing. In the meantime, we might as well be knitting. That way as soon as the shelter is open, there will be blankets for the animals.

Ask Jo-Anne or Andrea for more details. But really, Jo-Anne is the right person; Andrea will just be faking it and asking Jo-Anne herself.


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