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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Six-Sox Knit-a-long

I'm really enjoying the six-sox knit-a-long. I've made only 2 pair of socks with this group, but that's two more than I probably would have made otherwise. And I've learned new techniques, too.

This month's pattern has just been posted, and it involves shadow knitting. I'm trying not to start, because there are other things that are more urgently in need of my attention. But I really want to.....

Anyway, if you think you might be making six pairs of socks each year (come on... you know you can do that!), then consider joining the group. It's a low-traffic group, the pacing of the projects is quite sane, and you have cute socks when you're done! Follow this link to sign up: Six Sox Group.

These aren't my socks, by the way. They're the designer's socks for this month's pattern, just to tempt you. I AM thinking gray and blue or maybe gray and lavender, though.


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