Guilded Purls

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quilt Block Swap Update!

So main update is that the deadline for the July Swap is June 25, stop by the site to sign up. And even more exciting than that the Quilt Block Swap that I am hosting was mentioned on Whip Up! Yeah! Go check that out too... Well it's really only a little one liner on the bottom of the post as a community craft board update... But I'm still pretty happy about it and since it's been up two more people have signed up! Woo!

On a knitting note: Thank you Andrea for pointing me to the Mason-Dixon Knitting book (I borrowed it and now it's at my house being thumbed through, just so you know). That book kicks some butt. I have been in a dish cloth making frenzy, it's so much fun... dish clothes? Fun? YES! hehe. It's such a great instant gratification project and everyone needs a dishcloth, so... I'm making them for everyone. I also am planning on making the seat cushion for my dining room chairs, so they will be nice to sit on now. On top of that, I made a general announcement on my blog that anyone who wishes to buy it for me can feel free to do so.... And someone actually did! So I may own my very own copy within the month! The generosity of others astounds me all the time.