Guilded Purls

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Posting Review

Okay, as the administrator I can see that you're all reading the blog. But only Kristin and Chris are posting. Terry did it once. Come on girlfriends, you can do this.

Here's how it goes:
  • up in the left-hand corner, there's a B in an orange square; click that
  • Now you have to log-in -under Blog Name, you'll see Guilded Purls. Click that.
  • You will have to log in with your user name and your password. I know your user name, obviously, but not your password. So I can't help you there. Once you remember it, it's safe to use the "save on this computer" command. Then you don't have to remember it, either.
  • Now you're at the dashboard. There's a blue rectangle that says "create new post". DO it ;) You'll be given a self-explanatory template.
  • Just type and hit "publish post" when you're done.
  • Pat yourself on the back!
  • You can spell-check, add a picture, bold, italics, or a block-quote using the shortcuts in the beige border that surrounds the template. Look on the upper left.


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