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Thursday, October 27, 2005

More Nerd Knitting

I've done the "Squared Squares" afghan. Dave wants me to crochet a manifold -the math-kind, not the car-kind. Fortunately, my crocheting isn't up to that challenge. Sandi (C., not G.) is making a Tetris scarf. Oh yeah, we've got the nerd thing going on.

Here's the latest installment: knitted DNA. The amino acid base pairs are represented with different colors and with different kinds of joins. Alas, real DNA helices twist the other way, to the right, but it seems like that would be easy to fix. I seriously think this would make a cute, nerd-in-training, toy for an infant. I know a few, I'm afraid ;)

Here's a link to the pattern, not that you really need a pattern for this! Knitted DNA. Have fun!


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